Biden Strikes Economic Populist Tone at Union Rally

President Biden rallied union workers in Pittsburgh on Friday, calling for policies to help working families and criticizing Republicans for their opposition to labor unions.

By Manoj
Photo: Getty Images

President Joe Biden struck an economic populist tone on Friday, rallying union workers in Pittsburgh and calling for policies to help working families.

“I’m here to tell you that we’re going to build an economy where everyone has a fair shot,” Biden said. “An economy where everyone can get ahead, not just the wealthy few.”

Biden’s speech came as he faces increasing pressure from progressives to do more to help working families. The president has been criticized for his handling of the economy, with some arguing that he has not done enough to address rising inflation and stagnant wages.

At the rally, Biden touted his record on behalf of unions, including his support for the American Rescue Plan, which provided funding for union-backed projects. He also criticized Republicans for their opposition to labor unions.

“Republicans want to weaken unions,” Biden said. “They want to make it harder for you to organize and bargain for a better life.”

Biden’s speech was well-received by the union workers in attendance. They cheered and applauded as he spoke, and many waved signs in support of the president.

The rally was part of Biden’s efforts to shore up support among union workers ahead of the midterm elections. Democrats are facing an uphill battle in the midterms, and they need the support of union workers to have a chance of winning.

Biden’s speech was a clear signal that he is taking the midterm elections seriously. He is aware that he needs to do more to help working families, and he is hoping that his focus on economic populism will help him win over union workers and other working-class voters.

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