Five Minnesota Women Killed in Car Crash While Preparing for Wedding

Five young women were killed in a car crash while preparing for a friend's wedding. The victims were all members of the Somali community in Minnesota and were students at the University of Minnesota. The crash is a reminder of the dangers of speeding and the importance of driving safely.

Emma Lawson

Five young ladies were murdered in a vehicle accident on their way home from the mall on Friday night. They had just finished receiving henna tattoos and other preparations for a friend’s wedding the following day.

All of the victims, ages 17 to 20, were declared dead at the scene: Sabiriin Ali, Sahra Gesaade, Salma Abdikadir, Sagal Hersi, and Siham Adam.

The accident happened on Highway 100 in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, at around 11:30 at night. The ladies were passengers in a vehicle that was hit by an SUV as it was speeding. The SUV’s driver, who has not yet been named, also perished in the collision.

Five Minnesota Women Killed

The accident’s root cause has yet to be determined.

All five ladies were local Somalis from Minnesota. They were all local activists who happened to be studying at the University of Minnesota.

The community has been shocked by their deaths, and many people have expressed their sorrow publicly.

The victims’ relatives have been provided with a GoFundMe website. The total amount raised on the page is above $100,000.

The accident highlights the danger of driving too fast for the conditions. Keep your speed down and drive carefully at all times.

All five of the ladies who perished in the accident were in their early twenties. They were gone too soon from their loved ones. Their passing is a terrible loss, and they will be sorely missed.


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