Parents Who Back Merit-Based Education Sweep NYC School Council Elections

Parents who support merit-based education and higher standards won a majority of seats on New York City's parent councils in a major upset.

By Manoj

Results from New York City’s parent council elections, which were made public on Tuesday, showed a resounding victory for candidates who advocate for merit-based education and tougher standards.

United Federation of Teachers (UFT) won just 10 of the 35 seats offered for election, while Parents for Excellence in Education (P4EE) won 21. Four of the eight seats were taken by independents.

The UFT has always had sway over parent council elections in New York City, making the P4EE’s triumph a huge surprise. The United Federation of Teachers is the biggest teachers union in the city, and its PAC often supports union-backed politicians.

In reaction to what its members viewed as a decrease in education quality in New York City schools, the P4EE slate was founded. The organization’s agenda advocates for a stronger emphasis on meritocratic admissions and assessments of educators.

P4EE co-chair and founder Leonie Haimson said, “This is a victory for parents who want their children to have the best possible education.” We will collaborate with the new school administration to provide opportunities for pupils to get a great education.

The UFT has not yet issued a statement about the election.

The triumph of P4EE demonstrates the rising discontent of New York City parents with the current state of education in the city. The success of this organization might encourage more parents to become engaged in the administration of their children’s schools and advocate for reform.


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