India’s Narendra Modi Touts New Delhi’s Leadership Role, Sees Unprecedented Trust With U.S.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sees unprecedented trust between India and the United States, and believes that the two countries can work together to address global challenges such as climate change and terrorism.

Max Davidson
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  • India and the United States have a strong foundation of trust.
  • Modi sees India as a rising power and wants to take on a greater leadership role in the world.
  • Modi is committed to working with the United States to address global challenges.
  • The war in Ukraine has created a new urgency for closer cooperation between India and the United States.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, recently gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal in which he said that ties between India and the United States are now at their strongest and most profound point ever.

He advocated for the strengthening of connections between the two nations as well as the reform of international organizations.

Modi said that India is prepared to assume a more prominent position of leadership in international affairs. As proof of India’s potential, he cited the country’s rapidly expanding economy, its strong military, and its pervasive cultural impact.

He also said that India is dedicated to cooperating with the United States in order to overcome global concerns like the effects of climate change and acts of terrorism.

The Prime Minister is making these statements during a turbulent time in world politics. The conflict in Ukraine has thrown off the balance of power in the world, and as a result, there is a growing consensus that the United States and India need to cooperate with one another in a closer capacity.

The interview gives the impression that Prime Minister Modi is keen to expand on the solid foundation of trust that has already been formed between the two nations.


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