Tornado Touched Down in the Highlands Ranch Area of Denver Metro

On Wednesday afternoon, a tornado hit Highlands Ranch, Denver, damaging houses and businesses. The tornado had EF-1 winds of 105 mph.

Morgan Blackwood
  • A tornado touched down in the Highlands Ranch area of the Denver metro on Wednesday afternoon, causing damage to homes and businesses.
  • The tornado was rated EF-1 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, with winds up to 105 mph.
  • There were no reports of injuries, but the tornado caused damage to about 20 homes and businesses.

On Wednesday afternoon, a tornado touched down in the Highlands Ranch neighborhood of the Denver metropolitan region, inflicting damage to a number of houses and businesses in the vicinity. On the Enhanced Fujita scale, the tornado had an EF-1 rating and wind speeds of up to 105 miles per hour.

At around 4:30 in the afternoon, the twister made landfall close to the junction of Lucent Boulevard and South University Boulevard. Approximately two miles were covered during its journey, during which it traversed Lucent Boulevard, South University Boulevard, and Highlands Ranch Parkway.

The tornado was responsible for damage to a number of buildings in the vicinity, including residences and businesses. Several structures had their roofs ripped off, their windows shattered, and their trees uprooted. No injuries were reported by anybody who was there.

At the same moment when the tornado struck, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for the region. Approximately thirty minutes after the tornado made landfall, the warning was eventually discontinued.

The Denver metropolitan region has not been hit by a tornado since 2017, and this one was the first one to do so since then. In addition to that, it was the first time that a tornado had touched down in the Highlands Ranch region since the year 1990.

The tornado serves as a warning about the dangers that might be posed by extreme weather in Colorado. Storms, including tornadoes, hail, and thunderstorms, are common in this state. Residents are strongly encouraged to take precautions against severe weather and create contingency plans in the event that a tornado hits their area.

SOURCES: Westword
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