Trump Slams Biden’s Inaction on China’s Alleged Spy Base, Links it to Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings

Former President Donald Trump ties fresh Hunter Biden business allegations to President Joe Biden's alleged inactivity on China's Cuba spy post. Trump believes Biden's ideas are influenced by his business experience.

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  • Former President Donald Trump says that President Joe Biden's silence on China's suspected espionage station in Cuba may be motivated by his family's business transactions, including millions of cash from China.
  • An IRS whistleblower provided a WhatsApp conversation between Hunter Biden and a Chinese CEO in which Hunter cited his father and pressured the CEO to meet a business obligation, supporting Trump's assertions.
  • China's worldwide military aspirations are raised by reports of a covert monitoring facility arrangement with Cuba. The Biden administration minimized the problem, noting its longstanding nature.

In a fiery address at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority gala in Washington D.C., former President Donald Trump seized upon recent revelations about Hunter Biden’s business dealings to criticize President Joe Biden’s response to China’s alleged attempts to establish a spy base in Cuba. According to sources, Trump, known for his outspoken nature, suggested a connection between Biden’s past business associations and his current policies.

During the event, Trump referred to claims made by an IRS whistleblower regarding a 2017 WhatsApp message exchange between Hunter Biden and Henry Zhao, CEO of Harvest Fund Management. In the message, Hunter mentioned his father while pressuring Zhao to fulfill a business commitment.

Trump, using the opportunity to question Biden’s integrity, stated, “The Bidens inexplicably received $5.1 million from China within ten days. They have taken tens of millions of dollars from China in total. Perhaps that’s why President Biden is turning a blind eye to China’s military activities in Cuba. Maybe that’s the reason.”

Trump went on to assert that the situation was far more significant than the Watergate scandal, claiming, “This is truly a story that dwarfs Watergate. It’s much more substantial. That’s why Biden is unfazed by China’s establishment of military bases. He’s essentially given them his approval, not uttering a word about it.”

Reports suggest that China and Cuba may have entered into a secret agreement to construct a facility for surveillance purposes, allowing China to intercept electronic communications. The Biden administration has downplayed the significance of the report, asserting that it is an ongoing matter that predates their tenure.

However, a previous official report from January 2021 indicated that the administration had been briefed on various sensitive endeavors by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) worldwide to expand its logistics, bases, and intelligence collection infrastructure.

The report identified potential sites for Chinese military installations across the Atlantic Ocean, Latin America, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and the Indo-Pacific region. It painted a concerning picture of China’s ambitions for projecting and sustaining military power on a global scale.

Notably, two IRS whistleblowers have shared a series of text messages exchanged between Hunter Biden and Zhao with the GOP-led House Ways and Means Committee. In one message, Hunter allegedly wrote, “I am here waiting for the call with my father.” The released texts hint at Hunter’s determination to ensure compliance and his willingness to utilize personal connections to enforce his directives.

Trump’s impassioned speech included a promise to take strong action against China if they refuse to abandon their proposed spy base, emphasizing that he would be resolute in his approach if elected. His remarks garnered considerable attention due to his characteristic confrontational style and the gravity of the issues at hand.

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