From Mile-High Adventures to Secret Admirers: Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber Dish Out Intimate Secrets

Uncover Kim Kardashian's intimate revelations and secret celebrity crush as she joins Hailey Bieber on "Who's In My Bathroom?" YouTube series. Get ready for candid conversations, steamy confessions, and speculation about Kim's mysterious infatuation. Join the discussion and catch up with "The Kardashians" on Hulu.

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  • Kim Kardashian revealed her crush on a fellow celebrity during a candid conversation on Hailey Bieber's YouTube show.
  • The intimate discussion included topics such as Kim's preference for makeup sex, the significance of passionate kissing, and both Kim and Hailey's membership in the "mile-high club."
  • Kim opted for privacy when it came to expressing her feelings for her crush, creating excitement and speculation among fans.

Kim Kardashian has fans buzzing with excitement when she revealed some personal information, including her respect for a fellow star, during an interview on “Who’s In My Bathroom?,” a popular YouTube series hosted by Hailey Bieber.

Intimate Revelations Unveiled

During their candid conversation, Hailey Bieber and Kim Kardashian shared intimate details about their life with their fans. The discussion began with Hailey admitting that she seldom gets DMs from admirers, whereas Kim stated that she often receives a large number of inappropriate DMs.

Curiosity over what they were talking about led to a round of “Truth or Shot,” a drinking game in which players must either tell the truth or down a shot of booze. With Kim’s permission, Hailey chose to pry into her sexual preferences by questioning if the latter preferred “makeup sex” or “angry sex.”

Kim has said openly that she prefers makeup sex because it symbolizes a passionate reunion after a quarrel, which in turn fuels a feeling of yearning and need.

Hailey was inspired by Kim’s honesty and said that making out and passionate kissing are the things that get them going. Kim agreed completely, stressing the value of a loving hug. When Hailey revealed that she was a member of the “mile-high club,” meaning that she had participated in sexual acts while in the air, the debate took a bold new turn.

Kim, unexpectedly, also acknowledged her membership, saying that she, too, had engaged in similar journeys. It was almost inevitable, Hailey said, given that Kim had her own private plane.

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Kim Kardashian’s New Crush and Celebrity Admiration

When the conversation switched to celebrity relationships and infatuation, the most surprising information emerged. Kim was questioned by an inquisitive Hailey whether she had any affection for a famous person. Kim was so taken aback by the unexpected thought that occurred to her to take a shot at anything to make her dreams come true.

She said that she had been keeping her emotions for her crush a secret. Kim, who cherishes her solitude more than ever, rejected when Hailey joked that she should take a risk and make her desire known.

As a lighthearted way to sweeten the mood, Hailey stated that Kim probably did have a hidden crush on her that she wasn’t ready to talk about.

Unveiling Kim’s Mystery Celebrity Crush

Fans are buzzing with speculation and anticipation as they try to figure out who Kim Kardashian has mysterious celebrity love. Who might this lucky guy be, when the world is their oyster? Join in the conversation and provide your best guesses as we wait for this hidden crush to be revealed.

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