From Joke to Admission? Biden’s ‘State Secrets’ Comment Raises Eyebrows

Uncover the potential involvement of President Joe Biden in his son Hunter's alleged illicit business deals. Leaked text messages raise questions, as House Republicans continue their investigation. Discover the implications and ongoing probe into the Biden Syndicate's activities.

David Reynolds
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  • President Joe Biden's denial of participation in his son's business transactions is contradicted by Hunter Biden's text exchanges with a Chinese director.
  • This fresh data supports House Republicans' inquiry into the Biden family's direct payments and Hunter's dubious conduct.
  • Republicans should regard President Biden's speech about selling state secrets as Democrats handled Donald Trump's, which might give Republicans power in the probe and hinder the Biden Administration's policy agenda.

President Joe Biden’s role in his son’s business transactions has come into question when leaked 2017 WhatsApp text conversations between Hunter Biden and Henry Zhao, a director of Chinese asset management company Harvest Fund Management, surfaced.

The communications give the impression that Joe Biden was there throughout the chat and was sitting next to Hunter. If confirmed, this would run counter to the president’s earlier denials of participation.

The continuing inquiry by House Republicans into allegations of wrongdoing by Hunter Biden is strengthened by this information. Let’s talk about what this all means, and why further research is needed.

Hunter Biden’s Text Messages

Hunter Biden and Henry Zhao’s exchange of text messages, which became public, hints at a closer relationship between the son and his father. Hunter utilizes Joe Biden’s presence as leverage, suggesting that Biden was curious as to why Zhao was failing to meet his end of the bargain.

As a result, the story of Hunter’s independence is undermined, and he is shown to have functioned as a conduit for Joe Biden’s allegedly shady financial dealings. Joe Biden’s significant role, rather than his simple ignorance or lack of engagement, is suggested by the text conversations.

The Importance of Ongoing Investigation

These text communications provide weight to the House Republicans’ investigation into Hunter Biden’s suspected illegal foreign influence peddling. They show that the shady practices of Hunter’s company were not the only source of direct payments to the Biden family.

While it has not yet been determined whether or whether Hunter’s actions had a material impact on Joe Biden’s bank account, the inquiry continues.

The DOJ and FBI have been accused by high-ranking whistleblowers of hiding evidence from House GOP investigators, which is very disturbing. The alleged illegal dealings of the Biden Syndicate must be exposed, and the truth must be made known.

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Joe Biden’s Statement and its Significance

President Biden flatly denied to a Fox News reporter that he had ever brought up his son’s shady business dealings. But the hacked texts indicate otherwise. President Trump may have lied about Joe Biden’s role if the vice president was indeed sitting next to Hunter when he spoke with Zhao.

This information supports the GOP’s quest for the truth and undermines any suggestion that Hunter acted alone. Given Joe Biden’s lengthy time in government and the length of Hunter’s alleged actions, it’s likely that Joe knew about the corruption and may have been involved in it.

Comparisons to Previous Political Reactions

Akin to how Democrats handled Donald Trump’s statements in 2016, Republicans should react to Biden’s admission about selling national secrets during a meeting with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


As the Democrats did with Trump’s comments, Biden’s statement should be taken seriously despite its possible humorous intent. The GOP may use Biden’s remarks as a springboard to learn more about Hunter Biden’s suspected unlawful conduct.

They can, at the at least, slow down the Biden Administration’s policy agenda, just as they slowed down Trump’s.


Questions concerning President Joe Biden’s awareness and possible involvement in his son’s criminal business operations are warranted in light of the released text texts between Hunter Biden and Henry Zhao and the president’s denial of involvement.

The House Republicans must keep digging to find out the truth about these accusations. The contents of the hacked communications point to a more intimate relationship between Hunter and Joe Biden than was previously known, expanding the scope of the Biden Syndicate’s operations.

By continuing their investigation, Republicans might expose wrongdoing with serious consequences for U.S. national security and impede the Biden administration’s strategic goals.

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