Breaking News: iPhone 15 Pro Max Price Will Be Higher Than Ever Before

Discover the latest predictions surrounding Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max. Prepare for a higher price tag, exclusive periscope lens technology, and a peek into the production timeline. Get ready to embrace the future of smartphone photography.

Lucas Bennett
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Industry analyst Jeff Pu from Haitong International Securities has predicted that the much-anticipated iPhone 15 Pro Max would have a larger price tag compared to its predecessor, which may cause some Apple fans to be apprehensive.

The Current Situation

Pu, well-known for his astute tech analysis, has repeatedly predicted that the future iPhone 15 Pro variants would cost more. This time, though, he singles out the Pro Max model as the one that would most likely be affected by the price increase.

As we excitedly anticipate Apple’s newest product, many are left asking why the Pro Max model is projected to cost more than the already available iPhone 14 Pro Max, which starts at a starting price of $1,099.

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The Pro Max Distinction

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is reported to include a unique function that makes it different from the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro, which is why it costs extra. The Pro Max version is expected to be the only one to use this unique periscope lens.

As opposed to the 3x zoom seen in the iPhone 14 Pro versions, this cutting-edge lens technology should allow for optical zoom capabilities in the 5x to 6x range.

A Peek into Periscope Lens Technology

Consider a camera’s main lens taking a photograph of a breathtaking scene to better understand how a periscope’s lens system works. The light is then reflected at a 90-degree angle onto a second lens through a mirror or prism.

The light is directed to the image sensor by a second lens, creating a stunning picture. To make room for this cutting-edge technology, the smartphone’s image sensor and secondary lens are cleverly placed on the device’s side.

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Production and Anticipated Popularity

In keeping with Apple’s usual practice of launching a new product line in September, Pu predicts that manufacture of the iPhone 15 series will begin in August.

It is anticipated that 84 million units will be produced in the second half of 2023, with the Pro variants likely dominating sales in the first few months following their release.

Additional Exciting Features

All four variants in the rumored iPhone 15 series will reportedly have a USB-C connector, a Dynamic Island, and a softly curved frame, according to rumors.


Reports have suggested that the Pro models go above and beyond this, adding 12 more features and improvements.

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Prepare for the Next iPhone Era

Apple is getting ready to release the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and as a result, consumers and supporters should be prepared to fork out a somewhat larger sum of money.

While the rationale for the price hike is unclear, the inclusion of a periscope lens and improved zoom may be enough to convince serious photographers to spring for this premium product.

Soon, Apple fans everywhere will be able to try out the latest and greatest for themselves, since mass production is only around the corner.

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