Kourtney Kardashian Faces Backlash From Fans for Babymoon Without Her Kids

Lily Collins
Screenshort taken from Instagram |@kourtneykardash

Kourtney Kardashian and her new husband Travis Barker recently jetted off to Hawaii for a romantic “babymoon” getaway before the arrival of their first child together. However, Kourtney’s tropical vacation has sparked outrage among some fans who criticized her decision to holiday without her three children.

Backlash From Fans

After Kourtney shared photos from her idyllic Hawaiian babymoon on social media, comments came pouring in shaming the reality star for leaving her kids behind.

“She’s so obsessed with Travis that she’s just disregarding her kids now,” one fan wrote. Another commented, “What kind of mom goes on a babymoon without her other kids?”

Some critics accused Kourtney of “dumping” or “ditching” her children just to spend time alone with her new husband. Others claimed she must not have a close bond with her kids if she chose to holiday without them.

Kourtney’s History of Putting Kids First

The backlash seems particularly unfair given that Kourtney has previously been regarded as the most family-focused Kardashian. She made headlines in the past for taking extended breaks from filming reality TV to focus on motherhood.

In a 2020 Vogue Arabia interview, Kourtney stated: “I usually take one day on the weekend where we have no plans. It allows us to have quality time together.” This suggests she still prioritizes quality time with her little ones.

A Much-Needed Getaway

As Kourtney prepares to become a mother once again at age 43, her romantic Hawaiian retreat was likely a way to rest, relax, and spend intimate time with her spouse before the baby’s arrival.

New mothers are often encouraged to take time for self-care. Kourtney has also been open about her fertility struggles and IVF journey with Barker, making this getaway all the more important before she takes on motherhood again.

While fans may have valid concerns, judging a mom for taking a rare kid-free vacation seems unfair, especially since we can’t know all the details of her family dynamics. At the end of the day, it’s her decision to make.

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