The Shocking Reason President Obama Missed the Clinton Wedding – Exclusive Details

Learn about Chelsea Clinton's 2010 wedding. This story reveals the elite guest list and President Obama's unexpected exclusion. This wedding's

4 Min Read

From Joke to Admission? Biden’s ‘State Secrets’ Comment Raises Eyebrows

Uncover the potential involvement of President Joe Biden in his son Hunter's alleged illicit business deals. Leaked text messages raise

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Vice President Kamala Harris Mobilizes Young Voters in the Fight for Abortion Rights

Vice President Kamala Harris rallies young voters to protect abortion rights in an exclusive interview with Teen Vogue. Learn about

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Public Opinion Poll: Voters Express Doubts About Presidents’ Physical and Mental Well-being

NBC News found 68% of people worried about President Biden's mental and physical health. Trump leads the Republican primaries and

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Poll Shock: Majority of Americans Opt for Neither Biden nor Trump in 2024 Race

Discover the shocking CNN/SSRS poll findings showing that a record amount of Americans are unsatisfied with both President Biden and

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Trump Slams Biden’s Inaction on China’s Alleged Spy Base, Links it to Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings

Former President Donald Trump ties fresh Hunter Biden business allegations to President Joe Biden's alleged inactivity on China's Cuba spy

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Trump Unleashed: Bold Claims, Media Attacks, and a Presidential Run? Inside His Game-Changing Interview

Former President Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox News on June 20, 2023, in which he defended his decision

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Biden Strikes Economic Populist Tone at Union Rally

President Biden rallied union workers in Pittsburgh on Friday, calling for policies to help working families and criticizing Republicans for

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Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman Stumbles Through Remarks With Biden, PA Officials While Wearing Hoodie and Shorts

Fetterman was photographed wearing a Carhartt hoodie and shorts, as well as HOKA sneakers

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