15 Fun Facts About Apple You Never Heard Before

The “Winter Banana” apple has a flavour profile that is reminiscent of both bananas and pineapple.

Apples are an extremely healthful fruit. They include a wealth of vitamin C as well as fiber.

The nickname for New York City is “The Big Apple.” It is also the state that grows the most apples!

One gallon of apple cider uses 40 apples. Scientists believe apple cider is 2,000 years old.

Dwarf apples are little. They grow full-size apples. Apples take 3 years to grow.

Apples, according to the theory of some scientists, were the very first fruit. Some people believe that figs were the very first fruit.

September marks the beginning of apple season. The months of September and October offer the best opportunities for apple picking.

The diameter of an apple of standard size is approximately 7.5 centimeters, and its weight ranges anywhere from 70 to 10 grams.

The consumption of apples by humans has been documented as far back as 6,500 B.C. by archaeological researchers.

China, the United States of America, Turkey, Poland, and Italy are the top five producing countries in the world.

When kept at ambient temperature, apples can ripen up to ten times more quickly than when they are stored in the refrigerator.

Apple trees don’t start bearing fruit for at least four to five years after they’re planted. There are even those that take up to ten years.

George Washington’s apple trees were one of his favourite things to prune in his spare time.

Apples are a type of plant that belongs to the rose family, which also contains other fruits and vegetables such as pears, peaches, cherries, and plums.

Over 2,500 apple cultivars are commercially grown in the U.S. 100 are for sale. Apples are the U.S.’s second-most-valuable fruit crop (oranges being the first).