NBA Set to Double in Size? These Two Major Cities Could Land New Franchises

Adam Mitchell
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In an exciting development for basketball fans, the NBA is seriously considering expanding its reach by adding new teams for the first time in two decades. Two major cities, Las Vegas and Seattle, have emerged as the leading contenders for potential franchises.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently revealed that these markets would be thoroughly explored following the completion of the league’s next media rights deal.

A Natural Evolution of the Game

Speaking at the Associated Press Sports Editors conference in Las Vegas, Commissioner Silver expressed the league’s inclination towards expansion. While he noted that nothing is set in stone, he emphasized the organic growth of organizations over time.

As the NBA approaches the end of its current media rights contract after the 2025 season, the timing seems ripe for welcoming new teams into the fold.

Las Vegas: A Vibrant Hub Eager for NBA Action

The bright lights of Las Vegas have long beckoned sports enthusiasts and the city’s desire for an NBA team is no secret. Although it has never had a franchise of its own, Las Vegas did have the honor of hosting the NBA All-Star Game in 2007.

Now, with the NBA considering expansion, the basketball-hungry residents of Las Vegas have reason to be excited. The city’s bustling atmosphere, world-class venues, and avid fanbase make it a strong contender in the expansion race.

Seattle’s Resurgence: A Chance to Bring Back Basketball Glory

Seattle, once home to the beloved SuperSonics, experienced the heartbreak of losing their team when it relocated to Oklahoma City and transformed into the Thunder in 2008. However, the city’s ardent basketball community has never lost hope.

The NBA’s focus on Seattle as a potential expansion market reignites the dreams of loyal fans who yearn for the return of professional basketball. With a rich basketball history and a passionate fan base, Seattle has all the ingredients to reclaim its status as a thriving NBA city.

Exploring New Horizons: Other Markets Emerge

While Las Vegas and Seattle take the spotlight, Commissioner Silver also acknowledged the interest from several other markets. However, he emphasized that the league is not actively engaging in expansion discussions or meeting with potential groups at this time.

As the NBA maintains its current focus on the ongoing season, the exploration of other potential expansion locations remains a possibility for the future.

A Future Filled with Excitement

As the NBA gears up for its next media rights deal, the anticipation of expansion grows among fans and basketball enthusiasts. The prospect of new teams in Las Vegas and Seattle injects fresh energy into the league and opens up possibilities for thrilling rivalries, passionate fan bases, and captivating storylines.

While the specifics of the expansion remain uncertain, the NBA’s willingness to explore new frontiers demonstrates its commitment to evolving and embracing the ever-changing landscape of professional sports.

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