Brutal Cold Front Descends on Ravens-Texans Playoff Clash

Ryan Anderson

The AFC Divisional Playoffs are getting interesting. This weekend, the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans will play each other. Right now, this is what the weather is like for the game:

The National Weather Service says that it will only be 26 degrees in Baltimore on Saturday afternoon. This means that the game between the Texans and the Ravens will be played in cold and windy conditions.

It will probably be between 23 and 28 degrees when the game starts, and the winds will pick up later in the day. Even though there won’t be any rain and the sun will shine sometimes, it will still be very cold at M&T Bank Stadium.

The weather and wind will make it hard to pass and kick the ball. Quarterbacks may have trouble holding on to the ball or get caught off guard by a wind gust, which can cause them to miss. Also, head coaches might not want to go for long field goals, which could lead to more fourth-down tries.

The Ravens’ offense is expected to rely on running the ball a lot, with chances for Zay Flowers and Isaiah expected to catch passes. Their attack should be less affected by the weather than the Texans’. Houston counts more on long passes, with C.J. Stroud throwing to people like Nico Collins.

Both teams should put up a good fight, no matter what the weather is like. The winner of this game will play the winner of the Bills vs. Chiefs game in the AFC Championship Game.

Remember not to miss the fun of the AFC Divisional Playoffs! This Saturday, the Houston Texans will play the Baltimore Ravens. Keep in mind that the game will be cold and windy.

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