Mahomes Regrets Sideline Meltdown, Apologizes to Josh Allen After Controversial Chiefs TD Gets Called Back

Ryan Anderson

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, is famously a level-headed leader and a good sportsman. The Chiefs’ late touchdown against the Bills was nullified by a game-changing penalty, and the irate superstar briefly lost his cool.

After the game, Mahomes gave an emotional interview in which he apologized for his outburst and explained what had triggered his unusual reaction. Additionally, he told Josh Allen, the quarterback for the Bills, that he personally apologized to him for his behavior following the game.

The Disputed Calls That Have Haunted KC

The relevant incident occurred with just over a minute remaining in the game, with the Chiefs behind 24-20. After receiving the ball from Mahomes, wide receiver Kadarius Toney lateralled it to tight end Travis Kelce. It appeared like the game-winning touchdown as Kelce dashed to the end zone. However, Toney was called for an offensive offsides, which rendered the touchdown null and void.

Kansas City lost narrowly for the second week in a row due to a dubious non-call. Andy Reid, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, recently voiced his disapproval of a call that may have altered the outcome of their game versus Green Bay due to a clear case of pass interference.

Mahomes simply stated his trust in the officials and chose the high road following that initial call. However, the superstar quarterback briefly lost his cool as that faith was put to the test once more on the most important play versus Buffalo.

Mahomes Berates Officials, Regrets Setting Poor Example

Angry Mahomes yelled at officials on the Kansas City sideline as CBS cameras showed the touchdown pass from Kelce nullified. Even after the action ended, the normally composed superstar continued to have an uncommon outburst.

In retrospect, though, Mahomes says he wishes he hadn’t allowed his emotions to cloud his judgment.

“I care, guy. It’s clear you don’t want to respond that way. Both the game and my teammates are wonderful, and I enjoy them very much. The pressure to win is immense, and Mahomes knows he can’t be disrespectful to officials or anybody else in life, even if he wants to.

After the game, he vented his frustrations on Allen, who had just led the drive that beat Mahomes’ Chiefs, and he regretted it more than anything.

The way I acted, I will likely come to regret. Above all else, I felt bad about my behavior toward Josh [Allen] following the game, even though he wasn’t involved in any way. You just can’t handle my intensity and intensity of feeling. If children are watching the game, they should not see this. Compared to being on the sidelines, that made me more angry.

Rare Call That Wasn’t Initially Explained Led to Meltdown

What caused Mahomes to behave out of character and lash out at the referees? According to the Chiefs quarterback, it all started because he was furious with a call that nobody explained right away.

I certainly am not observing from the sidelines or anything like that, so I didn’t have a fantastic explanation for it. I was trying to get an explanation and didn’t really receive one; I heard the call, but from where I was, you couldn’t really tell what happened.


After seeing the replay, Mahomes saw that Toney was obviously not set before the snap. While he does admit that it was a penalty, he claims that what really pushed him over the edge was the original lack of explanation at such a crucial moment.

I can see it clearly now; if he failed to check and they were bad, it was a foul. Calls like these are unusual in the NFL. It was a foul, though; that’s just how the game is, dude. As a human being, you take responsibility for your actions, admit when you’re wrong, and work to improve for the future.

Kelce’s Genius Improvised Lateral Wasn’t Planned

In the midst of all the drama, the NFL featured one of the most ingenious broken plays you’ve ever seen.

Toney was hit across the middle by Mahomes to start the play. Even though the quick receiver was surrounded by defenders along the sideline, he decided to lateral pass across the field to Kelce, who ran unimpeded for a 25-yard touchdown.

Mahomes verified that Toney was solely responsible for the brilliant improvisation.

“It was entirely improvised. Simply said, that is an outstanding performance by a top player at a crucial juncture. Being aware of your surroundings allows you to spot a teammate who is wide open across the field, allowing you to set up a pass for him to attempt a play.

In all honesty, the play was fantastic. The fact that it was nullified is disappointing, but it reveals his character as a player.

Mahomes claims he learned from his emotional response, even though the end result was devastating for Chiefs Kingdom. And when a crucial decision goes against Kansas City, the calm Mahomes that supporters have come to expect will be there.

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