Red-Hot Ravens Favored Over Gritty Texans in Epic AFC Showdown

Ryan Anderson

The Baltimore Ravens will host the Houston Texans on Saturday in the NFL Divisional Playoffs. It will be an exciting matchup between the league’s best defense and one of the bravest underdog teams.

Since they only give up 16.5 points per game, the Ravens have the best score defense in the league and are clear favorites to win. But the Texans have beaten the odds all season with a strong running game and a tough defense.

You can watch the much-anticipated playoff match by following these steps:

When and Where: Ravens vs Texans kicks off at 4:30 PM ET on January 20 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

TV and Streaming: The game will air on ABC and ESPN. Viewers can also stream on ESPN+, FuboTV and Hulu+Live TV platforms.

The attack of Baltimore will be going up against Houston’s defense, which is tough and scrappy.

This season, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is playing like the MVP again. He is in charge of an attack that scores 28.4 points per game, which is the fourth-highest average in the NFL. The Texans’ defensive end J.J. Watt leads a tough unit that gives up the 12th fewest yards in the game.

Jackson’s ability to cover two threats and Watt’s anger when rushing the passer mean that something has to give.

Baltimore, on the other hand, has the NFL’s best defense, allowing only 16.5 points per game. Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Texans, needs to figure out how to stop the Ravens’ defense.

Watson runs a good attack for the Texans that averages 342 yards per game, which is 12th in the league. But the Ravens haven’t let anyone score more than 25 points yet this season.

Epic Duel Between Watson and Jackson Captivates NFL World

There is a lot of excitement about the exciting quarterback battle between Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson. Their different playing styles and big-play skills make the game more exciting.

Jackson’s explosive speed and strength destroy defenders, but Watson wins with toughness, leadership, and the ability to make plays without thinking about it. Both are just as good at taking over games by themselves.


Everyone in the NFL is looking forward to their exciting matchup because they know that whichever quarterback wins will lead his team to the AFC Championship.

With a 13-4 record and home field edge, Baltimore is still the favorite to win the Super Bowl if it can beat the tough Texans. But Houston has shown all season that it saves its best games for the hardest opponents.

The Texans beat the Buffalo Bills last week, even though not many people thought they would. They are now in the next round. They are now full of confidence and want to shock everyone again on Saturday with their leader, Deshaun Watson.

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