Ohtani’s Mega-Deal Opens Floodgates for MLB Free Agency Frenzy

Ryan Anderson

Now that baseball superstar Shohei Ohtani has signed a record-breaking $700 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the attention of Major League Baseball can turn to the dozens of other elite free agents who are still seeking teams to fill important roster gaps.

With his enormous talent and iconic position on a global scale, Ohtani was the talk of the town, but now that he’s gone, there are a plethora of players of All-Star caliber available. Now that Ohtani-mania is over, let’s take a look at the new top targets whose markets could heat up significantly in the next days and weeks.

The New Ace of Free Agency Steps Forward

Yoshinobu Yamamoto has been on the sidelines with ace-quality stuff that can compete with the finest arms in the game today, while Ohtani shines as a rare two-way talent. Despite becoming an overnight phenomenon in Japan, the 25-year-old prodigy has not yet made an appearance on a Major League Baseball mound.

Despite all the unknowns, Yamamoto and Ohtani were at the top of the draft boards for almost every club with spending money heading into free agency. For analytically-driven front offices, his electrifying repertoire and advanced age were too much to resist.

As of right now, Yamamoto is the best available pitcher, and the attention is on him. The Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, and other traditional big spenders will likely engage in a fierce bidding war to get Yamamoto to the United States. Now that Ohtani is out, the Japanese ace has become the pitching-needy ballclubs’ obsession.

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Outfield Market Open for Business

Ohtani’s extraordinary hitting and pitching abilities have long been his biggest selling points, setting him apart from other superstars in Major League Baseball history. Cody Bellinger, on the other hand, is prepared to make an early offensive impact for teams looking for a more traditional, but no less spectacular, free agent superstar.

Beyond Ohtani, Bellinger is a very appealing target because to his age, positional versatility, and recent return to MVP-contest contention. While waiting for more clarification, other teams were linked to the 2019 National League MVP prior to Ohtani’s signing.

While other experienced run producers, such as J.D. Martinez, eagerly await their moment to be scrutinized in free agency, Bellinger assumes center stage as the best available position player.

Who Says You Need Just One DH?

Designated hitters in the MLB of today need a lot more defensive versatility than their predecessors had. Almost every remaining free agent designated hitter, with the exception of Ohtani, is useful in a pinch as a platoon bat or part-time fielder.

Players with intriguing versatility, such as Martinez, Mitch Haniger, Joc Pederson, and others, might generate significant interest at the winter meetings as teams refocus their offensive shopping lists in a post-Ohtani scenario.

Snell Headlines thin SP Market

This winter, MLB free agents have an abnormally small pool of starting pitchers to choose from, with the exception of Yamamoto. A depressing reality is reflected in the absurdly high price tag that Houston just paid to re-sign Justin Verlander: top-tier talent is difficult to come by for clubs that still require upgrades to their rotation.


With Yamamoto out of the picture, the void can be filled by Blake Snell, the former Cy Young champion. When healthy, few can compete with Snell’s natural ability, but issues about workload and injuries continue.

The desire for Snell, like that of batters after Ohtani, could rapidly reach a fever pitch. Even though Verlander and Jacob deGrom are both signed for the long haul, the league as a whole still has a lot of rotation needs. The Cardinals, Yankees, Red Sox, and Giants are just a few of the teams that have the drive and financial means to compete for Snell’s services.

As a result, MLB free agency is no longer shrouded in the shadow of Ohtani. The clubs that did not win the championship this season have a treasure trove of All-Star talent sitting on the sidelines, ready to pique their interest once again. The hot stove season will quickly return.

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