Family Cleans Out Deceased Father’s Home, Finds a Million-Dollar Surprise

Cleaning out the home of a departed family member is a task filled with surprises, and one Los Angeles family

Sarah Reynolds By Sarah Reynolds

Chinese Spy Balloon Used American-Made Parts and Kept Its Secrets

An official in the United States government has confirmed to ABC News that the mysterious Chinese spy balloon, which disappeared

Benjamin Knight By Benjamin Knight

Public Opinion Poll: Voters Express Doubts About Presidents’ Physical and Mental Well-being

A recent poll conducted by NBC News has shed light on the concerns held by a majority of voters regarding

Sarah Thompson By Sarah Thompson

June 22 News: Missing sub, Schiff, Modi in U.S, Supreme Court, China G20 Summit

Search for missing Titanic sub passengers continues, Adam Schiff censured by House

Breaking News: iPhone 15 Pro Max Price Will Be Higher Than Ever Before

Discover the latest predictions surrounding Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max. Prepare

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Microsoft Confirms Outlook Cloud Platform Was Targeted by Cyberattacks

Microsoft has confirmed that cyberattacks targeted its Outlook cloud platform in early June. The company said that the attacks were

Manoj By Manoj

Beijing Sizzles to Record-Breaking Heat

Beijing, China, is experiencing its hottest June day on record, with temperatures soaring to 106.4

By Benjamin Knight

Texas’s 6-year-old son died from a lightning strike weeks after his father did.

A 6-year-old kid in Texas died after being struck by lightning, only weeks after his

By Morgan Blackwood

Hollywood Holding Its Breath as Actors and Studios Go Down to the Wire

Tinseltown is on tenterhooks as the major studios and the actors’ union engage in tense

By Emma Grant

Google Warns Their Employees Against Using Bard Chatbot

Google warns employees not to use its new Bard chatbot, citing concerns about the potential for leaks of confidential information.

Manoj By Manoj

LeBron James Announces Epic Jersey Number Return: A Tribute to Bill Russell

In an unexpected turn of events, NBA icon LeBron James has stunned basketball enthusiasts by revealing that he will be

Adam Mitchell By Adam Mitchell

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Horoscope for Thursday, July 13, 2023

The stars have interesting things in store for your zodiac sign today! As we move

By Vanessa Starlight

From Joke to Admission? Biden’s ‘State Secrets’ Comment Raises Eyebrows

Uncover the potential involvement of President Joe Biden in his son Hunter's alleged illicit business

By David Reynolds

Parents Who Back Merit-Based Education Sweep NYC School Council Elections

Parents who support merit-based education and higher standards won a majority of seats on New

By Manoj

Lisa Marie Presley’s Tragic Passing Sparks Concerns and Insight from Medical Experts

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the passing of Lisa Marie Presley has raised important

By Emma Grant

Horoscope for Sunday, July 16, 2023

Aries (March 21-April 19) Gather 'round, dear Aries, for the stars have aligned to make

By Vanessa Starlight

NBA Summer League Showdown: Nuggets vs. Knicks – Saturday Thriller

Denver Nuggets: Rising Stars with Defensive Woes In the sizzling Summer League showdown, the Denver

By Jennifer Parker

Kim Kardashian’s Emotional Balance: Navigating Co-Parenting and Protecting Her Children

Kim Kardashian discusses balancing her emotions around her children and ex-husband Kanye West. She talks

By Lily Collins

Horoscope for Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Aries (March 21-April 19) Embrace the cosmic dance of business and commerce today, with a

By Vanessa Starlight

Addicted To TikTok? This is How You Can Use TikTok If You’re Worried About China and Your Data

Protect your privacy while using TikTok with these tips. Get a low-cost smartphone, create a

By Lucas Bennett